Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7 Awesome Summer Jobs for Teachers

Teacher's have long been envied for their "summers off" schedule. While many teachers take time to travel and spend time with family, many see it as an opportunity to earn some additional income. Here are 7 awesome summer jobs that you might want to take advantage of this summer!

1. Summer School

After 9 months of intense teaching, some teachers might be turned off by the idea of teaching summer school. But before you pass up this opportunity, consider some of the benefits of this part-time job: 1) You already have the skills 2) the hourly pay is going to likely be higher than most other part-time jobs 3) it will not consume your entire summer 4) and it gives you a chance to make a difference for struggling students.

2. Work at a Golf Course

Let's face it, summer is a time to relax and have fun. If you are looking for a part-time seasonal job that gets you working outdoors, then working at a golf course may be for you. And, the best perk of all is that most golf courses let employees golf for free!

Amanda and I have spent a couple of summers working at a golf course. The hours weren't bad, the weather was beautiful, the tips were surprisingly good, and the free golf was excellent. 

You will find that in addition to teachers, golf courses are also prime places to work for those that are retired and purely enjoy the free golf that comes with the job. Enjoy!

3. Daycare

Most teachers with children choose not to work because they want to spend time with their kids. Well, running a summer daycare could be a great way to make a little extra cash while still getting to spend your days with the kiddos. 

4. Start an Online Business

The internet is full of entrepreneurial opportunities that could potentially provide you with some nice supplementary income. In fact, some teachers exceed their teacher income with side-preneurial projects that take off. 

The problem many people face when motivated to start an entrepreneurial side-project is not having the time available to dedicate to getting it started. What better time to lay the groundwork than during a summer?

TeachersPayTeachers is an extremely popular website for tech-savvy teachers that are willing to share their classroom ideas with other teachers. The beauty of this model is that not only do you get to help other teachers, but you will generate revenue over the course of the school year without having to maintain the working hours. 

Here is a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to give you an example of what it's all about!

5. Craft Fairs

It's no secret that elementary teachers, as a whole, tend to be on the craftier side. Well, maybe the summer is the time to put those craft skills to use! 

Summer is the peak season for craft fairs. There are some upfront expenses, such as the cost of materials and price to rent out a booth at a craft fair.

However, if making crafts is already something you enjoy, then maybe it's time to share your passion with fellow craft-enthusiasts. 

And hey, enjoying the summer outside interacting with people that will appreciate what you do. . . could be fun!

6. Babysitting / Nanny Jobs

You're already great with kids, so maybe finding a part-time babysitting position would be fun. 

Amanda and I have both created profiles on Care.com, which is a site that helps parents connect with available babysitters. We have both had great experiences with this site.

In fact, Amanda began babysitting for a little girl several years ago that she found through this website and that little girl ended up becoming the flower girl in our wedding. Also, the girl's mom became our Realtor when we purchased our home.

7. Tutoring

After my aunt retired as a teacher, she began tutoring. Turns out she began making more money hourly than she ever did as a teacher.

You could choose to become employed by a tutoring service, or go freelance.

At any rate, you have worked hard this school year. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you give yourself a chance to rest and relax this summer!

In the comment section below, tell us about your favorite summer job for a teacher!

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